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Precision with Hard Work

Harneet Kaur Rana (Director Operation's)

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the Malwa institute of Medicine,the institute which is established with qualified and committed faculties and sophisticated infrastructure. We were trying to make every effort to be responsive and compassionate to the students in need. This has been the unique character of Malwa Institute of Medicine, “Success is no Accident; it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and devotion to life.”

I feel happy when the talented students perform remarkably well. But it makes me proud when a weak student from a rural background progresses steadily from poor performance to better performance, moving towards excellence. I wish all the students joining this institution with good luck and a promising career in the field of paramedical profession.Paramedical Sciences are the new upcoming vocational course with a wide range of professional and educational career.
It varies from laboratory course for medical management in the hospital to pharmacy paramedics for pharmacies.

We at Malwa Group strive to achieve quality in paramedical education while ensuring overall development of students. We also recognize the importance of providing a supportive and assimilative learning environment using innovative teaching and learning technological advances.

We also offer an optimum blend of best technical and personality development skills. Malwa Institute of medicine always believes that paramedical science must seek students of uncommon ability and commitment and give them an education that will help them make the most of gifts they already possess.

We have worked to build an institute which commands the highest reputation and provides the most competitive learning infrastructure in its field. It is served by renowned faculty known for their clinical skills with large and varied selection of carefully guided practical experience. Team Malwa has always defined its mission for excellence with human touch by having better health for all people. With a clear understanding of need and importance of such educational facilities, the institute is committed to a non-commercial approach.

You must avail this opportunity and join the wonderful and rewarding profession.

With best wishes
Harneet Kaur Rana
Director Operation’s.